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We firmly believe that your wedding should stand the test of time. When you’re reminiscing about your day twenty years from now, you shouldn’t doubt your decisions, even for a moment. Our team will work with you to create an event that perfectly blends your personalities, color palette, and wedding day dreams, which will leave your guests speechless—for years to come! 

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- Brooke and Chase L.

“Angela’s work exceeded my expectations, and her organization is impeccable. She was this type-A bride's dream! She was there by my side through it all, even the most stressful of times. When the manager of our venue changed not once but twice, she sat through the same tedious meeting with me multiple times to act as my sounding board, making sure there were no obstacles to my vision. This was one of many testaments to how invaluable it is to have a wedding planner like Angela. Most importantly, despite her busy schedule, she made me feel like I was the only bride on her caseload and the only wedding that mattered. She was always available to answer my questions via text, discuss my checklist in detail on the phone, or just to send me a positive message when I was feeling overwhelmed. Angela truly became part of our family and will forever hold a place in our hearts. We cannot thank her enough and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for the sweetest, most talented wedding planner around.”

“I will never forget the moment when the doors to our venue opened, and I got my first look—it absolutely took my breath away.”

- Lori M.

“From the first consultation meeting, Angela was very helpful—even before we signed up for her services. The planning was going along very well until the pandemic happened. Angela followed the guidelines of the government very closely and replanned the wedding more than once. She handled everything, including multiple phone calls to vendors to reschedule for a later date. The greatest gift we could have received is what my daughter and her fiancé had to say about hiring Angela! They were literally calm and cool through the whole process of rescheduling, letting Angela handle everything while they just concentrated on getting married. Will your son or daughter get married during a pandemic? I hope not! However, I highly recommend hiring Angela and Endearing Events to help you with your special day!”

“Angela is 100% focused on the couple and their wishes and giving them the wedding day that they have dreamt of all their lives.”

- Peyton and Tyler G.

“Endearing Events was, by far, the best investment we made for our wedding because I know it would not have been the absolutely magical and amazing day that it was without them! Within minutes of having my initial consultation with Angela, I knew we just had to hire her. Looking back, I cannot believe I ever thought I didn't need a wedding planner; more specifically, I cannot believe I ever thought that I didn't need Angela and her team! I hired Endearing Events for the last 90 days leading up to our wedding. During those 90 days, I was literally 100% stress-free, seriously!!! Angela honestly made the last three months of planning and our wedding day so easy and enjoyable for us. One of the best things about Angela is she doesn't just get to know you because you are her client—she genuinely cares about her couples. Angela is talented, organized, kind, thoughtful, and beautiful inside and out. We will forever be grateful to her and the Endearing Events team for helping to make our wedding day one that we will never, ever forget.”

“Endearing Events will absolutely be our #1 recommendation to any engaged couple that we meet.”

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